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Light Cover Types


Light Cover Types

Pyramid Light Covers
The pyramid shape creates a wide angle of light distribution, helps minimize shadows and spreads light evenly to prevent glare. »

Drop Diffuser Light Covers
The concave design of drop diffusers provides superior rigidity, and maintenance is quick and easy with it’s smudge-free surface. »

Puffs / Drums Light Covers
Puff Lens diffusers assure widespread light distribution free of glare. Maintenance is quick and easy. »

Green Light Covers
Eco-friendly, energy efficient light covers that maximize light output and minimize energy usage are available. »

Flat Lens Light Covers
Flat lens diffusers come in many styles, from non-yellowing acrylics to the high impact durability of Polycarbonate. »

Vaportite Light Covers
A Vaportite fit is guaranteed to diffuse light evenly and meets all OSHA, FDA, and USDA requirements. »

Industrial Light Covers
All types of industrial lighting lenses to meet your needs. Even those hard to find, out of production diffusers. »

Decorative Light Covers
Decorative film inserts let you transform lighting into a beautiful scene without replacing the existing light panels. »

Parabolic Louver Light Covers
Optically perfect mirrored parabolic shapes are designed to reflect maximum light with a wide shielding angle. »

Tube Guard Light Covers
Tube Guards offer maximum protection against broken glass and sparks that can result when fluorescent lamps shatter »

Retrofit Kit Light Covers
Retrofit lightcover kits are designed for suspended ceiling systems, they allow for quick and simple installation. »

Wraparound Diffuser Covers
Over 10,000 styles available!! Thousands in stock!! We can even get hard to find, out of production diffusers »

Globe / Post Top Light Covers
Globe Tops and Post Tops are rotationally molded or seamed out of: Acrylic, Polyethylene, or Polycarbonate »

Other Light Covers
Find unique and hard to find replacement light covers for all shapes and sizes of lighting fixtures. »

Natural Daylight Diffusers
Daylight diffusing covers that are designed to efficiently diffuse the full spectrum daylight are available. »

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